Tech rankings maintain upward trend

According to this year’s U.S. News and World Report, Tech ranks number seven among public universities in the United States. This is the highest ranking in the history of the university and a spot that the Institute has maintained for three consecutive years.

In addition, for the past ten years, Tech has been counted among the ten top public universities in the United States. Among all national universities, Tech ranks 35, and on the “Great Schools, Great Prices” list, Tech ranks 47.

“When you get up to the top of that ladder, the competition gets extremely fierce, and moving further up is a matter of great difficulty,” said Gary Schuster, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Tech’s engineering programs continue to take the lead in national rankings, with the College of Engineering (still the largest in the nation) tying for fourth place with Caltech and the University of Illinois. This is one spot up from the College’s ranking in 2008.

Within the College of Engineering, individual programs top the lists. In specialty areas, Industrial Engineering ranks first in the nation, Aerospace Engineering second, Biomedical Engineering third, Mechanical Engineering fourth, while Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering both rank fifth. Of these programs, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering were not in the top five last year.

“Rankings are a part of life, and they reflect many different factors. I am pleased that our reputation for undergraduate education, graduate education, and research in engineering continues to increase,” Schuster said.

Notably, the College of Management now ranks 35 nationally for Best Business Programs, while Tech’s internship and cooperative education programs are listed under “Programs to Look For.”

“I think higher rankings will encourage more students to look at Tech, said Robin Osborne, a third-year Biology major. “The numbers show how the quality of classes is improving from their already high standards.”

Graduate rankings are stellar as well. The College of Engineering is at No. four nationwide for top graduate engineering programs, and ten of its eleven programs rank in the top ten for their respective fields. IE stands at No. 1, BME No. 2, AE No.4, EnvE No. 5, CE No. 6, EE No. 6, ME No. 6, CompE No. 7, MSE No. 8 and NRE No. 8.

The College of Management made a jump from 29th last year to 22nd this year, tying with Emory in the ranking of full-time MBA programs.

“I think part of the reason that the College of Management has been able to make such large leaps in national rankings is due to of course our excellent faculty and new building with its first-rate facilities. This shows that not only our engineering but our other programs, such as the liberal arts, are rising in national recognition as well,” Schuster said.