Campus Crime

Selected crime briefs on and around campus.

On July 4, an officer observed a blue Chevrolet Monte Carlo displaying a cardboard tag with a date of August 8, 2009. The plate did not have a state issued hologram. When pulled over, the driver stated that he had owned the vehicle for several months. After the officer conducted a check of the Vehicle Identification Number, the suspect then stated he had removed the original license plate and that a friend had provided him with the fraudulent dealer’s temporary plate. He was arrested and the vehicle was towed to the impound station.

An officer was sent to Britain Dining Hall due to a complaint about two intoxicated students on July 10. The complainant stated there were two white males who, in a drunken state, were dropping food and staggering about. The students had already left the scene upon the officer’s arrival

The complainant described one of the students as a white male. The officer radioed in the description. A man fitting the description was observedat a Stinger Stop. The two men were contacted by officer. During the conversation, the officer noted that one man’s eyes appeared glassy and bloodshot. A EMS was called onto the scene to transport one of the men to the hospital. The other student was thus advised that this behavior would not be tolerated and released to attend class.

On July 22, an officer noticed a suspicious person loitering in the bushes at Brown Residence Hall. The subject was approached by the officer and questioned about his business in the area. The suspect was unable to provide a satisfactory answer. He was subsequently searched and checked for prior criminal trespass warnings. The record search returned positive. The suspect was then arrested for criminal trespass.