Council Clippings: This week in Student Government

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from April 14, 2009.

New Ticketing System

SGA discussed partially funding the up-front cost of the new student ticketing system for football games. SGA put forward three possible new systems toward the end of January to replace the current system. The Athletic Association agreed to cover the majority of the costs associated with implementing the new policy. It was decided, after having a meeting with Athletic Director Dan Radakovich, that SGA will cover the about one third of the cost. The original amount proposed in the bill was for $50,000. GSS, however, amended bill, which was subsequently agreed upon by UHR, down to $35,000.

The amended amount was passed by the GSS 21-2-1 and in the UHR 36-1-0.

UJC Appointments

The UHR discussed this year’s appointments to the Undergraduate Judiciary Cabinet. Zachary Higbie was appointed by undergraduate student body president Nick Wellkamp to be chief justice of the UJC. John Miller, Scott Goodson, Kerry East and Amira Choueiki were also appointed to the UJC as Justices by Wellkamp.

The House approved the chief justice appointee and the justice appointees with unanimous consent. GSS did not need to vote on the bill, as it affected only the undergraduate body. After the unanimous consent, the appointees were sworn into office.

Cyberbuzz Replacement

In attempt to replace Cyberbuzz, SGA discussed a bill to appropriate funding to start a system run by CollegiateLink Web Service. Cyberbuzz, an antiquated student organization web portal, will be replaced by a new system that is intended to give campus organizations more flexibility. The new system will also allow a more transparent budgeting system for SGA, as applications submitted by student organizations will be submitted to the JFC via the new system, and the organizations will be able to track the funding request through the website. Many other universities, such as Duke, Purdue and the University of Virginia, also use the service for similar purposes.

The bill requests $13,500 to for start-up costs and fees for the first year of use. Of the requested amount, about $2,000 is for start-up costs, the remaining $11,000 will need to be re-appropriated every year to keep the service going.

The bill passed the GSS 21-1-0, and the UHR 36-1.

Money for new SGA website

SGA debated over a bill which would give money to Georgia Tech Communications and Marketing to help develop a new SGA website. SGA hopes to modify the website so that it is more similar visually to the current main website of the Institute. There will also be a new comprehensive content management system, which is intended to aid in making the organization more transparent by allowing a better flow of information from SGA to the student body and vice-versa.

The total price of the project was set at $7,000. Communications and Marketing agreed to cover half of the costs for the project, so the bill was set to fund $3,500.

The GSS passed the bill by a vote of 23-0-0. UHR also passed the bill by a vote of 35-2-0.