Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from April 7, 2009.

New UHR Positions

UHR discussed a bylaws amendment to restructure the organization. The bylaws change created a new position, director of communications, to enhance transparency and communication with students at Tech. The newly created position will preside over Public Relations and Student Lobby committees. In addition, the information technology chair position has been eliminated and will be replaced by two positions, a webmaster and a graphic designer. The amendment also removed the position of the vice president of Administrative Affairs.

The house bill passed UHR 43-2-0 and did not require a GSS vote.

Emergency Funding

Rowing Club approached SGA this week seeking emergency funding for one rowing shell. In October, the club’s boat trailer was involved in an accident after the trailer brake failed, destroying nine boats as well as the trailer. The club used insurance money, fundraised and negotiated to replace the majority of the damaged equipment.

Under current financial policy, SGA finances two-thirds of all capital expenditures, unless the expenditure qualifies as an emergency.

After reviewing the situation, SGA officers determined the Rowing Club request to be reasonable under an emergency and commended the club for its efforts to raise replacement funds from external sources.

In GSS, the bill passed 22-1-1. In UHR, the bill passed 44-1-0.