Campus Crime

Whatever you say, officer

On Sunday March 15, the police responded to Center Street Apartments about an unwanted visitor. When the police arrived, the officer met with the offender, a white male, non-Tech student who had gone to the apartment to talk with his ex-girlfriend.

The police then told the male that his ex-girlfriend had reported that he was harassing her and would not leave. The police spoke with the victim who stated that she broke up with the male student three months ago, and that the male would not stop trying to contact her. The victim said that the male knocked on her door earlier and would not leave when she refused to speak with him.

The police explained that if he tried to contact her for any reason that it would be considered harassment, but the student said he would still try to contact her in the future. The police then escorted the male away from Tech’s campus, and explained to him that he will be getting a criminal trespass warning.

The student said that he also understood this, but responded saying that he did not feel that the police could keep him from seeing the victim if she wanted to see him. The male student is 5’10” and 125 pounds. The police replied that if he came back to Tech’s campus, he would be arrested.

Apple: Steal Different

On Wednesday March 18, the police were called to the Skiles classroom regarding a theft report. When the police arrived, they met with a system support specialist who described a theft of four Macs from her office.

The employee stated that she had locked her office to attend a meeting. When she came back, she noticed four Apple computers stolen. While her office door was still locked, there was obvious evidence of forced entry around the lock and the wall.

An old Apple G3 iBook that was valued at $1500, as well as three newer MacBook Pros all valued at $2800 each were all stolen.