Campus Crime Report

Assault on Hemphill

A police officer observed a student laying on the sidewalk on Jan. 28 at 10:13 p.m. When a police officer approached the student, he noticed that the victim had a bloody nose and abrasions on his chin and forehead.

Another student was with the victim when the police arrived. The other student told the police officer that the group of four guys that had harmed the victim had walked off toward the CRC.

The officer put in a call for an ambulance and notified police dispatch to be on the lookout for the group of males. As another officer arrived on the scene, the first officer left to search for the group of people. Soon after, the group of male subjects were found and detained. One of the males admitted to the police that he was one of their persons of interest.

The students stated to the police that while they were walking down Hemphill Ave., the victim bumped into one of the male suspects. The victim continued walking past them without responded to the suspect’s verbal complaint. At this point, the he grabbed the victim’s backpack, and he fell to the ground face first onto the sidewalk.

An ambulance arrived for the victim and transported him to Crawford Long Hospital. The student victim stated that he would like to press criminal charges for battery against the offending male. The male was then handcuffed, booked and transported to Fulton County Jail.

At the hospital, the original police officer spoke with the victim again who acknowledged that he had several alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening.

During the questioning, the victim acted confused and asked repetitive questions but denied using any drugs.

For his account of the incident, the victim stated that he was called from across the street by the group of males. Upon meeting up with them, the one male suspect immediately punched him in the face. The victim didn’t recall anything after that. The on-call dean of Students was notified of the incident.

Stealing more than the “T”

On Feb. 2, police were dispatched to the large construction site next to the Library regarding a theft. The police officer met with a project engineer, who stated that an unknown person stole the large four foot by eight foot blue and white “Turner Construction” project sign out in front of the construction area.

The project engineer added that the sign was stolen sometime between Saturday Jan. 31 and Monday Feb. 2. The estimated value of the sign was estimated at around $400.

Packing the Heat

On Jan. 28 at around 12:50 a.m., police were notified regarding a person pointing a gun at a another person. The police arrived on the scene near Towers residence hall and met with a male student from Georgia State University (GSU) and two other male witnesses.

The GSU student stated that as he was walking up the stairs between Towers and Harrison dorms, two white males ran out past him toward a vehicle on Williams St.

The student proceeded to follow the males, at which point one of the males now on the passenger side of the vehicle turned and aimed a silver semi-automatic handgun at him.

The student quickly ducked behind concrete for fear of getting shot. No shots were fired however, and the two suspects jumped in a late model Ford Explorer and drove away.

According to the student and the witnesses, the armed male appeared to be around 18 to 20 years old and was wearing a purple LSU sweatshirt. The other male also looked similar in age and wore a green shirt and a brown hat. The police dispatch chain of command was notified of this incident.