Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Jan. 20, 2009.

Bike Rental Program

The UHR and GSS both thoroughly debated a bill that requested capital funding for a new bike rental program being set up by Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS). SOS originally requested $2464.50, primarily for the repair of 70 bikes held by Auxiliary Services that would be used as part of the rental program.

The bill amount of the bill was amended to $1681.50 as the expenditures were considered capital investments, and the SGA will only pay two-thirds the value of a capital expense.

In both the GSS and the UHR, members voiced concerns over the potential safety hazards posed by using repaired bikes. Liability and the safety of the riders were mentioned as the primary concerns.

Some members of the UHR felt that there was not enough evidence to show adequate student demand for the rental program and called for a quantitative survey.

The GSS also cited a lack of specifics about the program as a point of concern.

However, both bodies indicated an approval of the effort by SOS to provide a sustainable home for the bikes.

In the end, the GSS passed the bill 13-12-2, with the speaker casting the tie-breaking vote.

In the UHR, they decided to postpone the bill for a week so that more information could be gathered.

Bike Rental Program

The GT Racquetball Club requested $376 for a racquet stringing machine, a speed gun and a racquet string. The Joint Finance Committee recommended that the bill be amended to $286 to comply with their policy. This motion was passed.

GT Racquetball Club justified purchasing a stringer by claiming it would allow their members to save money by not having to hire a third party, and said that they would provide the equipment to non-members at a cost much below market price.

When asked if the CRC had a stringer, the organizational representative stated that they did, but that the CRC only strings their own racquets with the machine.

The representative also said that the stringing machine would allow the club to restring their racquets at competitions.

As for the speed gun, the club said that it would be used to help members train, and serve as a fundraising tool to challenge potential members.

Both the GSS and UHR were satisfied with the club’s explanations. The GSS passed the bill 23-2-1. The UHR passed the bill 32-0-1.