Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Nov. 18, 2008.


Joint Allocation to AIAS for FORUM 2008 — The American Institute of Architecture Students requested $2400 to help fund registration and travel costs to FORUM, a global gathering of architecture and design students that allows students to learn about issues in the architecture field and meet other students and professionals.

FORUM 2008 will take place at the University of Colorado at Denver and will focus on the topic of energy. The topic will not only cover the issues of sustainability and green designs in architecture but also the great “energy” of great architecture. The bill was amended per Joint Finance Committee to a total cost of $880 and passed UHR 36-0-0.

Tech off road

Joint Allocation to Georgia Tech Off Road — This bill requested funding for two new computers for the organization to stay up-to-date with design and development procedures. The funding would allow for the upgrading of computers to run professional software.

Discussion on alcohol issues

Resolution Supporting Opening up Discussion on Alcohol-Related Issues and Policy – This bill encourages discussing the overall policies and views of SGA regarding alcohol policy, laws, awareness and education. This bill was postponed for one week in the UHR.

Dental awareness day

Joint Allocation to Georgia Tech Pre-Dental Society — This bill requested funding for a Dental Awareness Day to promote dental health and oral cancer awareness. Free dental kits would be available to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as free oral cancer screenings from a Tech dentist. The bill failed the UHR 3-33-0.

SGA fax maching

Joint Allocation to SGA — the SGA asked for $179.98 to buy a new fax machine for the SGA office. The old fax machine has been broken for over a year.

This fax machine is used not only for administrative work but is also used by numerous students, who use the SGA office to fax materials related to SGA business.

The model requested is a Brother IntelliFax 2820. After being moved up from New Business to Old Business, the bill passed UHR 33-2-1.