Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Nov. 11, 2008.

Free Shirts

Joint Allocation to SGA for Free Student T-shirts: SGA asked for $5,302 to provide students with free T-shirts for the football game against Miami.

The purpose of providing free T-shirts is to unify the student body and give Tech a powerful visual image during the ESPN-televised final home game of the season.

Even though other initiatives have been taken in the past to encourage students to wear certain colors during games, they have always been more effective when free T-shirts were given out.

The last time an effective Gold Out was held was two years ago on the Throwback Thursday game where students were given free T-shirts.

The original amount requested in the bill was $8,028, but due to corporate sponsorship, the amount requested of UHR was lowered. The bill passed UHR 43-1-0 and GSS 22-1-0.

Taste of Africa

Joint Allocation to African Student Association: In the bill, the African Student Association asked for $700 to help fund Taste of Africa.

At Taste of Africa, the African Student Association plans to show different aspects of African culture through dance, skits, a fashion show and other performances. The goal is to give students an idea of the many different cultures of Africa.

The money requested is going towards covering costs for decorations, posters, Student Center Ballroom equipment and hiring a dance group to perform at the event.

UHR passed the bill 41-3-0 and GSS passed it 23-1-0.

Golf Club Travels

Joint Allocation to Georgia Tech Golf Club: The Golf Club has been invited to compete in the national NCCGA tournament due to their tournament play.

They asked for $994 to cover tournament fees ($188 times 8 players) and $247 to cover travel expenses to Fredericksburg, VA, where the national NCCGA tournament is being held.

The act passed UHR 38-4-0 and GSS 21-1-0.

Lacrosse Equipment

Joint Allocation to Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse: In the bill, the men’s lacrosse team asked for $6507 for the purchase of 40 new helmets and 40 new uniforms for their members.

The helmets currently in use have a three-year warranty, which will be expiring soon. Despite efforts to prevent wear and tear and maximize the equipment’s lifespan, the equipment needs to be replaced. The bill is currently pending decision.

Paintball Vetoed

The bill, Joint Allocation to the Paintball Club, Start-up Expenses, which was passed last week in UHR, has been vetoed by the President.

Since the Paintball club was still on pending club status, the president felt that the club should be approved as a full-fledged organization before receiving funding from the SGA, as only actual Tech clubs are eligible for capital outlay funding.

Efforts in the UHR to override the presidential veto failed 3-38-0, and the veto remains in place. The bill will be resubmitted in the future.

Accountant Hired for SGA

A joint resolution approving the creation of an SGA accountant position was passed 43-0-0 in UHR and 24-3-2 in GSS.

This accountant would be in charge of overseeing all expenditures by SGA and keep track of any unspent or misspent allocations to student organizations.