Campus Crime

“He Just Wanted to be the Man”

Last week, a blue Lexus with stolen tags was pulled over by the GTPD. Inside the car was a male driver and a male passenger, both of whom were arrested.

The passenger claimed that he had no knowledge of the car being stolen when he was picked up by the driver.

Inside a bottle of prescription ibuprofen was found that did not belong to either of the individuals.

Both men claimed that the medicine had been in the car without their knowledge.

When questioned about the car, the driver claimed that he had been lent the car by a friend from a Lexus dealership, but later said he knew that the car was stolen by the passenger from the passenger’s ex-boyfriend.

He stated that he was only driving the car “to be the man in their relationship.” Both the men were transported to Fulton County Jail.

“Car Chase”

Last Monday, the police pulled over a woman after a registration check indicated that she had no insurance. After confirming that the policy was no longer valid, the woman was asked by the police to step out of her car and walk to the patrol car.

The woman repeatedly refused and eventually drove away. She continued to flee down North Av., using the grassy median as a passing lane, with GTPD in pursuit.

When the woman reached a dead end in the road, the police took her into custody. The car contained large amounts of new clothing security tags.

While the officers were booking the arrest, the woman stated that she believed that the arrest had caused her to miscarry, although she there any physical evidence of a miscarriage. The woman was taken to Fulton County Jail.

“Hole in the wall”

Last week, a member of Housing maintenance reported a hole in the wall at the end of the hall on the third floor of the North Avenue North Apartment Building.

Two residents of the building were found to be responsible by housing staff and were written up through a housing incident report.

The cost to fix the damage will be about $120. The residents were not charged by GTPD, but will be dealt with through Housing.