Campus Crime

Drink irresponsibly

An officer was dispatched to Smith Residence Hall on Oct. 31 regarding an intoxicated student who was found by a Peer Leader trying to enter the wrong residence hall room, unaware of which room was his. When the officer arrived, the student was found in the bathroom stall. The student was conscious and breathing, but he was slurring and mumbling words when asked questions by the police officer. The student was transported to Crawford Long Hospital and issued a code of conduct violation.

Worse than speeding

During a routine speeding stop on Tech Parkway the morning of Oct. 28, a background check on the license plate indicated a valid Fulton County warrant for a failure to appear in court. The driver was placed under arrest and transported to Fulton County Jail.

Picking pockets

On Saturday, Tech police were notified about two distinct incidents of pickpocketing which occurred approximately 30 minutes apart. The incidents both occurred inside Bobby Dodd Stadium. The first incident of theft occurred as the victim realized his pocket had been picked when he entered the bathroom on the club level of the stadium. The second incident occurred in the Upper North stands as the other victim stood in line at a concessions stand. This victim stated that a black male was standing behind him in line and bumped into him just before the victim realized his wallet was gone. No perpetrators were located.

Fraternity theft

Tech police were called to Pi Kappa Phi fraternity on Nov. 1 regarding a report of theft.

The police met with two students who stated that early in the morning of the same day, both of their wallets had been stolen by a visitor to the fraternity house. The visitor had been let in by a friend of a friend. Other missing valuables included an iPod and a cell phone.

The two students also stated that they had an idea of which individual was responsible for the theft. Additionally, the other student’s driver’s license was found on the ground outside, behind the fraternity house.