Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Oct. 28, 2008.

Casino Night

This bill is the Joint Allocation to the Institute for Industrial Engineers and Hillel at Georgia Tech’s Casino Night.

The bill asks for $2124 to host a free Casino Night for all Tech students. The event will be held in the President’s Suite A to D in the Student Success Center.

It will feature casino games and dealers from CCP Events Inc. SGA funding would go towards providing a craps table, six blackjack tables, stools and a roulette wheel. They would also provide funding for a DJ and for the advertising.

The organization is contributing for all the costs of food, raffle prizes and decorations.

JFC recommended that the cost of hiring a DJ and advertising around campus be cut down so that the total cost would decreased to $1964.

However, GSS only amended part of the bill, retaining the original cost of a DJ.

There was some discussion on the UHR floor about which amendment the body should adopt.

Eventually, it was decided that the GSS amendment, which decreased the cost of the bill to $2034 and still included the cost of a DJ, was passed. The entire bill was then passed 36-2-1 in UHR and 24-6-1 in GSS.

Lan Party

This bill is the Joint Allocation to the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

The bill asked for $2047 to fund a LAN party and tournament, which will be held in the Klaus building.

The money is needed to buy a dedicated game server and cover building fees.

Previous attendance to events held by the ACM have seen turnouts of 250 and 350 students.

The dedicated game server the ACM requested would be a capital expense. They explained that their increased attendance made it clear that the organization needed to provide their own server.

The bill was passed after little discussion, 33-6-0 in UHR and 24-2-0 in GSS.


This bill is the Joint Allocation to Yellow Jackets Fencing.

The organization asked for $2132.67 to purchase new equipment, liability insurance and fees to pay for tournament referees.

The JFC amended the bill and struck off the funding for tournament referees, since the competition would be held on Tech’s campus. The total cost of the bill decreased by $400 to $1732.67, and the bill (amended per JFC) passed UHR 37-1-0 and GSS 21-2-0.

Outdoor Concert

This bill is the Joint Allocation to Musician’s Network Outdoor Show.

The organization asked for $29,659.84 to fund a large, outdoor concert in the Burger Bowl on Nov. 14. Admission for Tech students is free and last year had an attendance of 740 with minimal advertising. This year attendance is projected to be much greater (around a thousand students and several hundred non-students) due to increased advertising initiatives. The bill passed UHR 29-8-1 and GSS 24-3-2.