Campus Crime

Upstairs Flooding

On Oct. 25 an officer was dispatched to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house regarding damage to personal property. A student met with police and stated that someone placed a water hose into a window of their house and turned on the water.

The water hose belonging to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and it was connected to the faucet on the outside of their house. The student’s room was located on the second floor. He reported structural damage to the floor of the room and water leakage into the kitchen below.

There were no witnesses to definitively identify a culprit. However, the resident of the damaged room stated that it could possibly be a member, or members, of the Sigma Nu fraternity who live next door. The student stated that a member of Beta Theta Pi had a verbal altercation with members of the Sigma Nu Fraternity earlier in the day.

Drunk Chair Throwing

Police were called to Fitten Residence Hall on Oct. 25 at around 11 p.m. regarding a report of intoxicated people causing property damage. The police initially met with one of the hall’s peer leaders (PL) to discuss the incident.

She stated that she was aware of two unidentified men in the lobby area throwing chairs into the doors that lead to the staircase. The peer leader was unable to locate the individuals, stating that they seem to have left the scene.

However based on input from other residents, the PL believed that they knew who was responsible for the incident. She stated that the suspected student did live in the residence hall, but was not in his room when checked.

As the police officer was leaving the building, the PL noticed a person entering a vehicle in the parking lot. The PL recognized that person as the student in question. The police asked the student to get out of the vehicle, who complied.

The student appeared intoxicated, and the officer noticed the smell of alcohol on the student. The student admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages earlier in the day, even though he in underage. The student also admitted to throwing the chairs in the lobby. The driver of the car denied participating in the destructive act, but admitted to failing to prevent the action.