Breaking the Bubble

Anthrax Scare for Calif. Congressman

The office of George Radanovich, United States representative, in Modesto, California was evacuated on Wednesday when a package arrived with an letter labeled “anthrax,” reported United Press International. The package arrived at the Republican’s office by mail containing a CD and a smaller package. Police, fire, ambulances and a hazardous materials team responded to the incident at the office building.

Several newspapers and television stations also received anthrax-labeled envelopes on Wednesday, reported The Associated Press. Investigators with the FBI have analyzed the contents of envelopes, which have turned up negative for anthrax or anything dangerous so far. All of the mysterious packages had the same false Sacramento return address.

There were not any reports of any people becoming ill. A staffer of the California congressman opened the package, and some of the employees went to the hospital as a precaution but were released soon later after tests were negative.

Probe Finds Mercury had Huge Volcanoes

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft has discovered that Mercury has sustained massive amounts of volcanic activity, reported the National Geographic News. The spacecraft’s recent flyby revealed around 3,600 cubic miles of solidified lava inside a single crater. That amount of lava is enough to fill the whole Washington-Balitmore metropolitan area.

Scientists believe that the large volcanic activity occurred 3.8 to 4 billion years ago. According to Maria Zuber, a MIT scientist, the volcanic activity on Mercury could have continued much further into time.

The new evidence suggests that planetary size affects the rate of cooling. Additionally, rockier planetary bodies such as the moon and Mercury are believed to have seen more volcanic activity in their history.