Campus Crime

Pot Posession

A Tech police officer, while stopped at a red light, witnessed a vehicle drive through a red light making left turn.

The officer was able to successfully pull over the driver. Upon reaching the driver’s side of the vehicle, the officer smelled the scent of burning marijuana emanating from the interior of the car.

The car had two occupants, and both the driver and the passenger were instructed to step out of the vehicle.

The driver denied that there was any marijuana in the car, but admitted that there were some rolling papers in the center console.

The driver then consented to a search of the vehicle, and the rolling papers were located along with a bag of marijuana.

The driver denied that the marijuana was his, and suggested that his friend must have left the bag in the center console for him as a gift.

The driver was then placed under arrest for possession of marijuana.

The driver stated that he met the passenger earlier in the day, and he had no knowledge of the marijuana in the car. The passenger was freed from handcuffs and allowed to leave.

The driver was then place in the back of the police car and transported to Fulton County Jail without incident.

Steal and Resell

The Tech police were dispatched to Hemphill Apartments on Oct. 16 to meet with two students regarding a burglary incident on Oct. 3, during a party at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

The students stated that several items were taken by unknown person(s). One student stated that his $2750 Apple laptop was stolen.

The other student stated that two electric guitars, valued at $2600 and $3000 respectively, were stolen, as well as a $100 guitar case.

One of the student’s mother received a phone call from a man who stated that his daughter had been offered a deal for the stolen laptop, but the man had no contact information from the attempted seller.

The police later contacted the man’s daughter regarding the laptop, who stated that she was approached by a “friend of a friend” with a good deal on a laptop.

Eluding Police

On Oct. 21, a Tech police officer observed a sport motorcycle passing vehicles in the right lane of Tech Parkway, which is closed to traffic.

The police officer, standing next to the driver at the stoplight, told the driver to pull over. The driver apologized to the officer, stating that he thought it was proper driving lane.

The officer again told the driver to pull over, and the driver proceeded to make a right turn onto Means St. and then sped off, turning right onto Marietta St.

Police dispatch was notified of the refusal to stop, and soon another officer located the vehicle.

The officer failed to stop the motorcycle, and it continued to elude police.

The motorcycle then rapidly sped away, and the officers did not continue the pursuit. Atlanta Police was contacted and given the description and license plate of the motorcycle.