From the files of the GTPD…

No Gas, No Getaway

The police discovered a black Chevrolet Lumina parked diagonally across two handicap parking spaces next to the Graduate Living Center on Oct. 5.

The police officer ran the license plate number of the car and found that it was reported stolen from the Henry County Bureau of Police Services.

The vehicle was locked and there was noticeable damage to the exterior of the car, consisting of scratches, dents and a large paint transfer on the rear driver side quarter panel.

There was also a Tech Parking citation found on the vehicle’s window. In the citation envelope, there was a handwritten note that included a phone number and a statement explaining that the car had run out of gas and that the driver would return in the morning.

The car was then towed and released to the A-Tow company impound.

Drink No More

The police were called to investigate a report of an intoxicated person at the North Avenue Apartments on Oct. 4 at around three in the morning.

The officer found a female Tech student on the upper level of the North Parking Deck, lying on the pavement. The student was semi-conscious, yet responsive.

She was asked to identify herself and was found to be under the age of 21, which violated the Student Code of Conduct. She stated that she had become sick from drinking alcohol.

Grady EMS was called, and the student was transported to Crawford Long Hospital and treated at around 4 a.m.

That isn’t a Toilet

On Oct.6, the police observed a black male loitering around parked vehicles next to the Kappa Alpha fraternity house. Upon seeing the police car, the suspect left the area. Another police officer in the car checked all the parked vehicles in the fire lane, and found no evidence of forced entry. The police then stopped the suspect and he stated that he was urinating next to the vehicles, and when he saw the police, he got scared and left the area. The suspect had no outstanding warrants, but he did have a prior arrest for criminal trespass earlier in the year. The suspect was then arrested for criminal trespass and transported to the Fulton County Jail.