Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Oct. 7, 2008.

Sports and the SGA

The first bill was the Joint Allocation for the Clemson Game Tailgate. It is a collaboration between Clemson and Tech, intended to promote non-alcoholic pregame tailgating celebration. The JFC recommended a few deductions from the costs of some individual components of the bill, lowering the total cost to $269. The bill was passed in amended form in UHR 30-12-0 and GSS 15-10-0.

Another athletic bill on the agenda was for the Tech Golf Club. This $800 Joint Allocation bill funds the tournament fees for the Second Conference Golf Tournament in North Carolina. The bill was presented to SGA once before, but was denied funding because the tournament required qualification to attend. This time, the tournament no longer requires qualification, so the bill was resubmitted. It was passed UHR 38-3-0 and GSS 23-2-1.

The last bill was for the Tech Wrestling Club. The $900 bill was for new uniforms. The current uniforms date back to the 1990s. Every season, each athlete rents a uniform and returns it at the end of the season. The bill was passed in GSS 24-1-1, but postponed in UHR on account of the organization representative being absent.


The SGA requested $1,075 to put a 52’’ LCD screen outside the SGA office. This screen will be used for advertising student government events, initiatives, accomplishments and recruitment efforts. Unlike the rest of the screens in the Student Center, this one will be dedicated to SGA. Though the video feed will be hosted by the Student Center’s computer system, the content will be directly controlled by SGA. Half of the cost is being paid by the Student Center. The bill passed UHR 33-8-1, while GSS postponed it for one week, citing a need for more specific policy outlines as the reason.