Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Sept. 30, 2008.


There was one bill on the agenda of old business that was presented and debated on in this week’s session. The bill was a Joint Allocation bill to the student organization, Students Organizing for Sustainability. The purpose of the bill was for the funding of two separate events. The first event was a film screening of the documentary “FLOW: The Love of Water. The second event is a guest speaker from Southface Energy Institute. The bill was postponed last week and was moved through a conference committee. The bill was passed in the UHR this week by a vote of 33-6-1.

New Business

The first bill is a Joint Allocation to Honor Advisory Council. The bill would provide funding to two students chosen to represent Tech at the National Conference on Ethics in America.

The second bill is a Joint Allocation to SGA to purchase a 52” LCD TV for the SGA office to displaying advertisements for SGA events and meetings.

Another new bill is a Joint Allocation bill for the Clemson Game Georgia Tech Smart Tailgate at Georgia Tech. The event is a collaboration between Clemson and Georgia Tech to help promote a safe, non-alcoholic event where students can celebrate the game.

Next, there is a Joint Allocation bill to the Georgia Tech Golf Club, which is requesting funding for tournament fees for the Second Conference Golf Tournament in North Carolina.

The last bill is a Joint Allocation to the Georgia Tech Wrestling Club. This bill would provide funding for new uniforms and equipment to be used this year.

Each Tuesday, elected members of the two houses of the Student Government Association, the Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) and the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), convene to consider allocation bills and discuss issues facing campus. Here is a summary of those two meetings.