Campus Crime

Looking for a Good Read

On Sept. 26, the police were called to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Tech Square about a suspicious person shoplifting books.

When the police arrived at the store, the officer observed a black male stuffing books into his waistband.

The store employee identified the man as the person in question, and the suspect then admitted to stealing books.

The man removed the books, valued in total at $91.95, from his waistband and was placed under arrested.

The books removed from the suspect possession included three copies of Shack, a copy of Approval Addiction and one copy of Secret to True Happiness.

The books recovered from the suspect were returned to Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The police then searched the suspect and transported him to the Fulton County Jail.

Beer, Booze and Fake IDs

A police officer was dispatched to Woodruff Residence Hall regarding a possible use of false identification and underage drinking. The community advisor (CA) told police and other Housing staff that he observed a student carrying a case of beer into his room. The CA asked if the student was 21 and was handed what later turned out to be a fake ID. The CA checked his hall roster and noted that all of the floor residents were under 21.

When the police arrived, Housing staff knocked on the student’s door, and different student answered the door. The student then stated that his other roommates had left and he did not know where they went. The Housing staff members were then allowed by the student to enter the room to search for alcohol. The search revealed three bottles of alcohol and 30 cans of beer.

The student present denied that the alcohol was his and said that it belonged to his roommates. The student was told that he must pour out all of the alcohol in the sink while the staff watched and take all empty containers to the trash. The other student observed earlier was then called on his cellphone and confessed about the fake ID, and was told to meet with Housing staff the next morning to turn in the fake ID. The police remained outside the room throughout the incident and no items were confiscated by police.