From the files of GTPD…

Swearing at Parking

The police were called in to the Parking and Transportation office on Sept. 20 in response to a complaint about an irate person who was swearing and disturbing the people in the office.

When police arrived, officials at Parking said that the white male suspect had left the office just before the police arrived.

The police spotted a man matching the suspect’s description walking in the direction of the Fifth St. bridge.

The man was stopped and identified as a Tech student. The suspect then admitted to being in the Parking office.

The officials at the Parking office confirmed the identification of the student as the one who had caused the previous disturbance.

The student was then given a student conduct code violation for disorderly conduct.

He was transported back to campus without further incident.

Armed and Dangerous

On Sept. 19, the police were called to the Student Center West parking lot regarding an armed robbery.

The victim, a Tech graduate student, was walking back from the Library at around midnight when a man approached him asking if the student could tell him the current time.

The man then walked away, but soon after, returned and demanded the student’s wallet and cell phone, brandishing a silver-colored revolver and pepper spray.

The student handed over the items and the man then fled on foot. The student was unhurt after the incident.

Tech and Atlanta police were soon notified of a second attempted armed robbery on the corner of State and Tenth Sts. The description of the perpetrator from the second incident closely matched that of the previous incident.

All victims gave similar statements about the suspect’s appearance.

The suspect was described as a white male of medium build, standing about 5’7” in height, wearing a white shirt, cream-colored shorts and a white kangol-style knit cap.

Neither Tech police nor the Atlanta police were able to locate the suspect, and the incidents are currently under investigation by both organizations.