Council Clippings


POSTPONED: Joint Allocation to Students Organizing for Sustainability, requested $750 to fund a movie presentation and speaker.

The Students Organizing for Sustainability requested funding in order to host two separate events. The first is a documentary screening of FLOW: For the Love of Water. The screening will be free for Tech students as well as a few faculty members. The second event is a talk by a speaker from the Southface Energy Institute who will address issues of energy, green engineering and solar power. The GSS voted to remove the movie rental fee from the bill over concerns about the School of Biology funding the movie rental if SGA didn’t and reduced the total cost to $450. The amended bill passed GSS 16-6-0. The bill passed 28-8-1 in its original version in UHR, meaning the bill will be forwarded to a conference committee.


POSTPONED: Joint Allocation to RoboJackets, requested $5000 for robot kits.

The organization asked for $5000 in order to purchase the required kit of parts that FIRST, a high school level robotics competition, provides for participating schools. RoboJackets has been involved in FIRST for several years as mentors.

The organization argued that the parts were being offered below market value and could be reused for future competitions. GSS postponed the bill for one week. In UHR, some representatives felt that it was a case of philanthropy to be sponsoring a high school. They felt that such a large sum of money shouldn’t fund an outside event. Others contended that the parts would be Tech property and the sponsorship could help prospective Tech students.

The JFC determined that the bill did not meet funding policy. A motion to waive the JFC policy failed and the bill was postponed indefinitely.