From the files of the GTPD…

Just looking for a bed

On Sept. 14, an officer observed a white male sleeping on a bench outside of the Smith residence hall.

The officer asked the man to identify himself and determined he was not affiliated with Tech.

Checking the man’s identification with the Georgia Crimes and Identification Center and National Crimes and Identification Center, the officer found that he had no arrest warrants and a Kentucky driver’s license.

Using PolicePak, the officer learned that the man had been arrested on Sept. 11 when officers saw the man been seen sleeping on a Smith residence hall park bench.

On Sept. 13, the man was given another criminal trespass warning for sleeping on the same bench.

The officer placed the man under arrest for criminal trespass, and another officer transported him to Fulton County Jail.


Sept. 15, a police officer was notified about an automobile accident with injuries on North Ave. and Fowler St.

An ambulance was already on scene when the officer arrived, but he was informed that the person injured from the accident had refused transport.

Three vehicles and four persons were involved in the accident. The vehicles were a 2001 Ford van, a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse and a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt.

One pedestrian witness was on the scene and stated that she was standing at the crosswalk when the Mitsubishi stopped to let her cross. The Chevrolet stopped behind the first car, but the Ford failed to stop, hitting the Chevrolet.

The driver of Chevrolet said that the Ford caused her car to hit the Mitsubishi. The driver said that she saw the pedestrian waving and assumed she was saying she did not want to cross. The driver still came to a stop.

The driver of Ford van said that she saw the Mitsubishi and Chevrolet stopped in the right lane.

The driver said she was distracted by the waving pedestrian and by her passenger yelling at her to stop.

Damage to the Ford and the Mitsubishi was not visible, but there was extensive damage to the Chevrolet.