Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Sept. 16, 2008.

French Club

Passed: Joint Allocation to French Club, received $300 for play tickets. Passed UHR 29-9-1, Passed GSS 26-0-0

The newly formed French Club was requesting funds to see the play Les Miserables on Sept. 27 at the Fox Theater. The organization asked for the money to pay for 15 tickets at $25 per piece, for a total of $375.

The bill was passed in a modified form. The bill was introduced last week but modified versions of the bill were passed in the UHR and GSS.

Therefore, the bill was sent to a conference committee to reconcile the differences and produce a compromise version.

The new version reduced the number of tickets sponsored from 15 to 12, but paid for the full price of $25 for the sponsored tickets. The conference committee decided they would provide the club $300 and decided the best way was to simply pay for less tickets.

Six Flags

Passed: Joint Allocation to SGA for GT Night at Six Flags, received $13,000. Passed UHR 38-1-0, Passed GSS 24-0-2

The joint allocation bill requested funds to subsidize part of the cost of students tickets to an exclusive Tech night at Six Flags on Sept. 19.

The money would subsidize 7,500 tickets at a cost of approximately $1.73 per ticket. The organizational representative stated that the bill would not subsidize the cost of tickets being sold to faculty, staff or alumni.

As of the UHR and GSS meetings, just under 6000 tickets had already been sold. The organizational representative said that in the past, they have sold out the remaining lot of tickets in the last week. He also said that last year they made a profit of $8,000, which was returned to the SGA.

Asked about other sources of funding, the organizational representative said that they had received $25,000 from the Student life allocation board and BuzzFunds.

Library Printing

Debate took place on the issue of library printing quotas. Several representatives voiced the opinion that the student government body’s input was neglected in the decision-making process, as neither the executive or legislative branch was consulted. Representatives said they were confused about why the changes took place, with some suggesting that it was an OIT attempt to make money by limiting printouts to 55 and requiring Buzzcard swiping.

Underage Drinking

There were many proposals on the House floor with regard to underage drinking. The consensus for the representatives was that since it was practically impossible to reduce the extent of underage drinking, it was more advisable to advocate responsible drinking instead. As a response, the UHR created a legislative ad hoc committee of no more than 10 members to investigate the Amethyst Initiative. The committee is required to report its findings to UHR within a month.