Constitution Day to focus on voting rights

Constitution Day activities will begin next week on Sept. 15. This year’s focus will be on voting and registration.

Robert Pikowsky, director of the Pre-Law Program, and Cathy Carpenter, head of the Architecture Library and librarian to the School of Public Policy, are organizing the event.

The event is a result of a 2005 government mandate requiring educational institutions receiving federal funds to hold an educational program about the United States Constitution on Sept. 17.

Constitution Day will feature several activities over a few days, including discussions on topics such as the relationships of civil liberty and voting laws.

William Winders, assistant professor of History, Technology and Society, will deliver a lecture on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 2 p.m. in the library.

His lecture, titled “Locked Out? How the United States Limits Voter Participation,” will discuss various voting issues.

These include the depressive effects of voting regulations and restrictions and an examination of the role that parties have in mobilizing political awareness in their constituencies.

The Library East Commons will show the documentary film CNN Election 2000 on Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m.

An exhibit by Kirk Henderson, library records supervisor, will also be on display at the Library East Commons and will highlight the qualifications for United States presidents defined in the Constitution, 15th Amendment, the Voting Rights Act and current voter ID laws.

Carpenter will organize a voter registration drive on Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 11 a.m. on Skiles Walkway. The deadline to register for the November elections is Oct. 6.

People wishing to register will need to show a photo ID. Any students with questions should look at the student voting information website for Georgia at Voter registration forms will be available at the Information Services Desk in the Library West Commons.

Constitution Alley, an informal forum, will also be featured during Constitution Day. It is set up along Skiles Walkway and allows students to post comments about issues facing the American public.