Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Sept. 2, 2008.

GSS Session

The GSS met this week and discussed topics of the Graduate Student Fall 2008 Picnic and Tech’s ongoing budget situation.

The meeting began with a recap of the previous week’s meeting. The recap summarized the result of several of the elections made in the last meeting.

In regards to the picnic being held on Sept. 5, there was a call for members of the GSS to volunteer at the picnic. By volunteering at the serving stations, they were told they would have an excellent opportunity to meet other graduate students.

Tech’s budget deficit was also highlighted, and it was explained that graduate student research money doesn’t come from the state and would be unaffected.

Concern was brought up on the status of those who served as TAs. The senators were urged to contact their constituents and departments heads to get a better understanding of their situation.

UHR Session

One of the first items presented to the UHR was a reminder of Georgia Tech Night at Six Flags, being held on Sept. 19. A call was being made for more people to help out and volunteer for the event.

The UHR was also informed that the new incarnation of the SGA website was almost up an running.

With regards to bills that were discussed, the UHR primarily tackled many of its appointment bills.

Candidates for the positions of Joint Finance Committee Chair, Undergraduate Student Council Executive Officers, Vice President of Campus Organizations, Undergraduate Council Committee Chairs, Undergraduate Student Council Executive Appointments and Undergraduate Student Council Committee Chair were all passed by unanimous acclimation.

The UHR also held elections for their three Member-at-Large seats. After discussion in a closed session, the UHR elected Ross Tyner, Justin Nguyen and LaGaren Toomer to these positions.

Joint Allocation to Bowling Club

The Tech Bowling Club was asking for a sum of $1000 to pay for a new coach for the competitive bowling team.

Usually, expenses like the coaching fees are covered the SGA’s annual budget. Since the Bowling Club had no coach at the time the budget was being put together last year, they were advised by the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) to put a bill forward in the Fall.

The person who has been selected to be the coach of the bowling club is named John Walsh. He holds a silver certification from the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and has been coaching bowling for 15 years.

He has experience coaching the young as well as the elderly. The $1000 would pay for two semesters of coaching fees.

The Bowling Club plans to compete in USBC events later on in the year.

The bill was passed in the UHR by a margin of 44 to one. There were no abstentions.

In the GSS, the bill passed by a margin of 12 to one. There were five abstentions.