Campus Crime

How’d you find me?

On August 30, an officer checked a car driving down Marietta St. and determined that the car had a suspended registration and no valid insurance coverage.

In addition, the registered owner of the vehicle had an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the Douglasville Police Department for failing to appear.

The officer stopped the vehicle, and when presented with the driver’s license, discovered that the driver was indeed the owner of the car.

Upon this discovery, the officer placed the driver in handcuffs and explained to him the details of his detainment.

The Douglasville Police Department confirmed the validity of the arrest warrant for the car’s driver.

The driver was eventually transported to and released into the custody of the Fulton County Jail.

You’re How Old?

On August 30, an officer was advised to investigate a report of an intoxicated white male in the courtyard of the Perry/Matheson Residence Hall.

After arriving on the scene at 4:14 a.m., the officer questioned a male and learned that he had been drinking beer and taking shots of liquor at the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House.

When asked about how much alcohol he had consumed, the man being questioned said that he could not remember how much he had consumed.

The officer reported that he could smell the odor of alcohol on the man’s breath.

The officer then asked the man for his age and his birth date. The man responded that he was 18 years old and born in 1989.

Grady Ambulance was called in order to check on the condition of the man being questioned.

Arriving 10 minutes after the officer first got to the scene, the paramedics examined the intoxicated man. Because of his intoxicated state, the paramedics told the officer that they were transporting the man to Crawford Long Hospital.

Buck Cooke, Assistant Dean of Students, was called and notified of the situation. The intoxicated man was advised that he was in violation of state law and the Tech Alcohol Policy.