Dining introduces new meal plans for students

In an attempt to give Tech students more options, Campus Services has been promoting new meal plans that are now available for purchase.

“This year, [Tech] Dining wanted to introduce dining options that meet the direct needs of students,” said Shequita Barnes, Marketing Manager for Campus Services.

The unveiling of the Ramblin’ 400 and Ramblin’ 200 meal plans offers students more variety and choices than ever before.

“The Ramblin’ plans are ideal for commuters and some campus apartment residents. They eliminate the need to leave campus for lunch or go back to your apartment and prepare a meal,” Barnes said.

The Ramblin’ 400 and Ramblin’ 200 can be used at campus retail locations like Einstein Brothers Bagels, Chick-fil-A and Pizza Hut.

The Ramblin’ 400 includes 10 bonus meals at Tech’s Brittain and Woodruff dining halls, and the Ramblin’ 200 comes with a $25 gift card accepted at any Tech dining location.

These plans also allow for students to purchase meals from Tech dining locations with out having to pay the eight percent of tax.

The Unlimited Plus 5 meal plan also offers more options for students. The Unlimited Plus 5 has no meal period restrictions, allowing for students to grab a bite to eat whenever they feel a need for some food. This plan also includes $125 in BuzzFunds and comes complete with a $75 Dining Platinum gift card.

“The Unlimited Plus 5 gives meal plan participants the best of both worlds – open access to the dining halls and up to five meals a week at our retail locations,” Barnes said.

“Today’s college student values flexibility and convenience. We now have more offerings that fit those needs.”

The Ramblin’ Plans and the Unlimited Plus 5 plan can be used across campus at any Tech dining location, and they also can be used at the EastSide and WestSide markets. This option allows students living at East Campus, West Campus and North Avenue apartments, to use the card for food purchases not made at a restaurant.

“Thus far, we have received a very positive response from the student population about the new plans. Upperclassmen and graduate students who may not have considered purchasing a meal plan in the past, are now interested in the accessibility that the new plans give,” Barnes said.

Commuting to and from Tech’s apartments and residences outside of Tech’s campus has proven to be a hassle for some students, when it comes to deciding their daily dining habits.

The meal plans were designed to give commuter students the opportunity to dine at campus establishments with more freedom then they had in the past.

Varying opinions on the new meals are held by different members of the Tech community. These views reflect the needs and opportunities that are important to each student.

“As a freshman, I don’t think I would have taken advantage of it, [but] when you’re living in an apartment it makes a lot of sense to have food available to you in central campus,” said Alexandria Voigt, a third-year BCHM major. Some have a different view on the new plans offered at Tech this year.

“I don’t think I’d really take advantage of the Unlimited Plus 5 meal plan. When you don’t have much time between classes it’s easier to just go to Brittain or Woodruff where you don’t have to take into consideration how much everything costs,” said Kathleen Warrell, a first-year EAS major.

Meals purchased through the Ramblin’ plans do not include the 8% sales tax that is normally charged when purchasing food. These meal plans can be still be purchased by students until October 31.

The meal plans are not the only new meal options now available to Tech students. Formerly Jackets Pub, the new Jackets featuring WOW Café and Wingery, located in the Student Center Commons, has a new menu complete with wings, appetizers and burgers.

“We will soon be promoting a Grand Opening event to formally introduce the new brand to campus,” Barnes said.

Due to these additional meal plans, student can now dine at eating establishments all across campus. Meal plans and benefits expire at the end of the semester, so student are allowed to change plans.

Additional information regarding the new Dining Meal Plans can be found on the Buzzcard website at http://www.buzzcard.gatech.edu/.

Students can find out more information regarding the different meal plans available to students who are participating in Freshman Experience and those participating in the normal meal plan system.