Campus Crime

Mistaken identity

GTPD approached a man at 2:40 AM on Aug. 12 after observing him travelling back and forth on a bicycle in front of the Graduate Living Center several times.

The man then found a brown recliner. When asked by the police whathe was doing, the man replied that he found the recliner and was looking for a place to sleep. The man then produced false identification. He stated that he was from Dublin, Georgia, and purchased the bicycle from Kroger. It was later determined that the bicycle was stolen from Gainesville, Florida. Later, he then admitted to stealing the bicycle.

Following being released by the police, officers were informed by the man that he wanted to kill himself. Paramedics from Grady hospital then came to the scene. The man was later arrested again.

Can you hear me now?

The GTPD was dispatched to investigate the theft of a Palm Treo cellphone from the Edge Building on Monday, August 4th. The phone was stolen from the football locker room. The value of the phone was estimated at $400.

Police were called again to the Edge Building for a second missing cellphone. The phone, also a Palm smart phone, valued at $350, was found missing from the football locker room as well.

Two hours later, police were called to the Edge Building for a third report of a missing cellphone. The Blackberry, valued at $550, was reported missing from the football locker room.

Got insurance?

Police pulled over a blue Cadillac for failure to stop at a red light. After further investigation, the driver’s insurance was found to be counterfeit. The driver was also found to have illegally altered the license plate’s validation sticker with a false one applied with packing tape. The vehicle was then towed and the driver was given five citations.

Bud ‘n Beer

A driver was pulled over for driving without lights. Two bottles of Colt 45 and two rolled blunts of marijuana were found. The driver was arrested and the passenger was free to go.