All about the Technique

The Technique is a student newspaper serving the Georgia Tech campus. Founded in 1911, the paper has been published weekly since then except for a brief period when it was published twice weekly. The Technique consists of five sections: News, Opinions, Focus, Entertainment and Sports.

The News section, which starts on the front page of most issues, covers activities, issues and decisions prompted by members of the Tech community. Administrative and faculty decisions of note, as well as student organization news, appear in the News section. Additionally, when the legislative bodies of the Student Government Association (Graduate Student Senate and Undergraduate House of Representatives) meet we report on their activities in a section known as Council Clippings.

The Opinions section is a forum for letters to the editor from students, faculty, staff members and alumni; full-length opinion pieces written by members of the Technique editorial board; and the consensus opinion.

To compose the consensus editorial, the members of the Editorial Board meet for approximately one hour each week, discuss the issues in each section that most directly impact students, then attempt to form an overall opinion on them. The Opinions editor then articulates the Editorial Board’s position in the consensus column.

Focus is a magazine-style section that provides in-depth, feature-length stories about Tech ideas, issues and individuals.

The Entertainment section includes features about Tech- and Atlanta-based entertainment offerings that appeal to students, including music, movie and restaurant reviews.

The Sports section covers a wide variety of Tech sports from football and basketball to the other varsity sports, and even club and intramural teams.

Each section has an editor who is responsible for its content, layout and administration.

The Technique has a general staff meeting every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in room 137 of the Student Services Building. The meeting is open to people interested in writing or taking pictures for the newspaper and to those already involved. Section editors meet with writers to assign and collect stories. On Wednesday nights, the editors edit stories and design the layout for that Friday’s issue.

Students interested in getting involved should email [email protected], or simply show up to one of our Tuesday meetings.