New FASET programming developed

The fall FASET orientations began yesterday for incoming freshmen students. This year marks the 36th year of the orientation program at Tech, and also brings with it new changes. This year, the program estimates over 450 students at every FASET session.

Begun in 1972, the FASET program provides orientation at the before each semester for incoming students. Including a new director of the program, Bethany Naser, this year’s fall and summer FASETs have been marked with change in its programming.

“The biggest, noticeable change for the freshmen is the location of our evening social. Instead of the Student Center Commons, the Campus Recreation Center has opened its doors for our use for FASETs 1-3. This opens up several opportunities for our incoming freshmen to be entertained through sporting events, poker tournaments, and trivia, while still enjoying FASET traditions, such as Club Love,” said Robert Ellis, membership chair of the FASET cabinet.

In addition to the changing locations for the programming, orientation will also feature a new way of teaching diversity awareness on campus with its GT life skits. Students attending FASET will also experience various games and activities to supplement the skits.

As well, FASET is adding on to its student activities with parent and guest programs.

“Parent orientation is a huge new initiative…. [giving] attention to programming to parents, that parent programming is a way to encourage parents to be partners with Georgia Tech throughout their student’s experience,” Naser said.

“We’re trying to teach them what it’s like to be a parent of a college student specifically,” said Craig Rawe, training and development chair of the FASET cabinet.

“95% of the freshmen class [indicate a] strong piece, because FASET is an opportunity and not required, and so students are self selecting to be part of the FASET program/tradition,” said Eric Tack, FASET orientation coordinator.