Campus Crime Report

Stealing for safety

A brother at Phi Sigma Theta called GTPD for attempted theft of his vehicle. The brother stated he had heard someone start his vehicle up, and ran to confront the individual. The individual was found inside the brother’s car, stating that he tried to prevent another unidenfied man from stealing the car. In addition, the individual was in possession of the brother’s car keys.

Police confronted the individual, who then gave a story of how he received the keys. The individual then went on to state that he lived at the Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) house and other false information. When asked for idenfication, the individual then stated that someone had stolen his wallet weeks ago.

In addition to stealing the Phi Sigma Theta brother’s car, the suspect was also in possession of a stolen Infiniti from CCF and a Honda Del Sol.

Repeated weed woes

A man driving on North Avenue on June 30 was pulled over by police for a suspicious license plate. The man, who was driving a Chevrolet Impala, had a license plate registered for a Dodge Neon. When GTPD pulled him over, police found that the man also was driving with a suspended license.

The man’s license was suspended in early April for controlled substance violation. His vehicle was towed to the GTPD vehicle impound. After being towed, police also found a marijuana cigarette in the ashtray of the car.

The man was arrested and taken to the Fulton County Jail. His marijuana cigarette was placed as evidence at the GTPD.

Discarded discs

Police were called to the Skiles Classroom Building. A Tech academic faculty member called police after finding multiple musical compact discs next to the center elevator. The discs were then gathered by the police officer. The discs had no ownership information attached to them.

Ten discs were found and then placed in GTPD’s found property.

Growing under the Couch

Two marijuana plant stalks were found by a facilities employee growing behind the Couch Building. The plants were brought to the police station and placed as found property and stored as evidence.