From the files of the GTPD…

Georgia Tech police arrested a man on June 15 at 11:37 PM for soliciting money from passing motorists. The arrested man was observed to be soliciting pedestrians and motorists for money on three separate occassions on Williams Street at North Avenue. The man was warned for the first two instances, before being arrested after the third.

Another officer arrived on the scene to transport the man to the Fulton County Jail. Prior to taking the man to jail, the police officer who had stopped him at the Tech campus found no contraband, weapons, or standing warrants. However after arriving at the jail, the officer then received two arrest warrents for the man.

Arrest paperwork and the two warrants were then handed to the intake desk at the Fulton County Jail. Another search was conducted in the vehicles that transported the man, and nothing was found.

A security guard at the Nanotechnology construction site on Ferst Drive (between Atlantic Drive and State Street) had her weapon removed by a Tech police officer. The officer learned of the guard’s possession of the weapon, a loaded 36 .38 caliber revolver, after speaking with her.

The guard stated that she kept the gun for security during her watch; however, she did not possess a permit for the gun. She voluntarily relinquished the gun for the GTPD. The gun was then unloaded, handed to the police, and then given back to the guard following her watch.

GTPD advised the guard not to carry the gun again back onto campus.

Tech police and the Atlanta fire department were called to the dumpster on Fifth Street and Williams Street in response to a dumpster fire. The fire department proceeded to extinguish the fire. The fire began when an employee at the Fifth Street Ribs and Blues Restaurant accidently put hot ashes into the dumpster earlier that morning.

Over $1500 in stolen property, including an Orion telescope, was reported at the observatory on top of the Howey Physics Building. The area was secure at the time of robbery, and there are no signs of forced entry.