From the files of the GTPD…

Missouri hacking

Georgia Tech police are beginning a criminal investigation with the Office of Information Technology into hacked computers in Missouri. Police were called to meet with a representative from OIT’s Information Security department on April 30.

OIT was contacted by Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) April 14, after someone from Tech was allegedly accessing the password reset web page at SEMO. Student passwords were then being reset.

SEMO provided OIT and the Tech police with two Tech IP addresses and log files containing dates and times the site was accessed. OIT then launched its own internal investigation.

OIT then determined that a Tech employee had been resetting the passwords and alerted police. The police advised OIT to begin a criminal investigation of the of the employee’s actions.

Upside down office

Tech police were called to the Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech Office on June 5 by an employee. The employee arrived at the office to find that all the spot lights had been turned around and all of the posters and the material on the were turned upside down. Also , a chalk outline resembling a human body was drawn on the floor, and a small stuffed horse was left hanging on the ceiling by string.

The assistant director of the office believes to know who conducted the crime, but an internal investigation is needed. Many students have access to the office, but the office was in order when last checked. There were no signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen.

One hundred pennies worth

$1 worth of copper was reported stolen from 811 Marietta Street. An employee for the OIT Printing and Copying Services reported that a black male with sunglasses and blue jeans entered the building, but it was unknown whether the man ever exited the building. A window was then found open upon the discovery of the stolen copper.

Trailer damage

A North Avenue Research Area security guard found that trailers in the parking lot had beeen damaged June 5. The lock had been cut from one of the trailers, and the rear latch had been damaged on the other. The fence was also found cut.