From the files of the GTPD…

Sorority pics found in pants

Georgia Tech Police were called to Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House in the morning of May 5. Two residents of the house had two suspects in custody.

One of the residents said that he had been sleeping in the chapter room of the house when he heard the two suspects trying to gain entry into the house with a screwdriver. The resident grabbed the two males by the shirt and pulled them into the house.

In the pants of the two suspects, the residents found two pictures, each depicting members of two campus sororities. The pictures were later identified as taken from members of the respective sororities, who the residents claimed to know. The photographs were taken as evidence.

After completing a walk-through of the house to ensure that nothing else was taken, police handcuffed the two suspects and arrested them for burglary. The two were taken Fulton County jail.

Crimes of Science?

Four suspicious individuals were discovered in an unauthorized area of the Molecular Sciences and Engineering Building. Two of the individuals were wearing white lab coats stolen from inside the building and they were carrying screwdrivers.

When police came to invesigate, one of the males claimed to be a student at Georgia Perimeter College who was hoping to transfer, and that they were searching for the Administrative building.

The four were placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass and taken into custody . After searching their car, police found nothing more stolen. The four were taken to Fulton County jail.

A tropical arrest

Tech police were contacted during the weight lifting championship on May 15 by the Maui Police Department. There were several outstanding felony warrants, including robbery and assult, for one of the competitors. The Maui Police Department requested that the Tech police take the man into custody. He was arrested in the Ferst Center and taken to Fulton County Jail.

Case of the bathroom bullet

A bullet was found on the bathroom floor in the CRC of the family lockers. Police came and took the bullet into custody, but no leads were found as to why the bullet was there.