News Briefs

Audit discovers major fraud by tenured professors

After finding evidence of fraud in expense records, two tenured Tech professors have been reported to the Georgia Attorney General’s office for possible legal action, according to a statement released by Institute Communications and Public Affairs on Wednesday. In addition, Tech has initiated the tenure revocation process for the two faculty members.

The fraudulent activity was discovered in a review of expense records by the Department of Internal Audits. The offending actions included dual employment and double-billing their time to Tech, as well as falsifying travel documents. According to the statement, over $100,000 in questionable activity has been discovered.

Music department to hold piano sale

At the conclusion of the semester, pianos that have been used by the music department, and which they received for free from the Pianos for Education program, will be made available for purchase at reduced prices. They can be purchased by appointment or by attending the sale on May 4. For more information, visit