From the files of the GTPD…

Special delivery

In the Sigma Chi fraternity house on the morning of Saturday, April 12, police were called in response to a report of a shattered glass side door. A black chair was lying beside the door and had apparently been used to shatter the glass door. A member of the fraternity stated that the damage happened sometime between 3:30 a.m. and 5 :30 a.m., when the police were called. He estimated the damage to be over $1,000. Nothing was found to be missing from inside the fraternity house.

French thievery

Two workers in the French building arrived on Wednesday, April 9 to discover that thefts had occurred since they had left the previous afternoon. In one room, the doors had been pried open and a Sony 32-inch flat panel television was stolen along with an IBM ThinkPad laptop. In another room, two Dell 17-inch flat-screen monitors were stolen along with three Dell 19-inch flat-screen monitors.

Must not have Friday classes

A peer leader (PL) in Armstrong Residence Hall called police late in the evening on Thursday, April 11 to report that she had seen a drunk student urinate in the building lobby. When police arrived the student was located in one of the dorm rooms, intoxicated but conscious, alert and breathing. He told police that he had been drinking and had more alcohol in his room, which he showed to police so that they could seize it. Another student then began to tell the intoxicated student to stop answering questions, and after continuing to obstruct police he was escorted from the scene. The intoxicated student was examined by paramedics who determined that he was not in need of treatment.

We can work it out

A member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, “Student 1”, called police from the house on Friday, April 11 to report that he had been in a physical altercation with another member of the fraternity, “Student 2”. While they had been sitting on the front porch, Student 2 became aggressive and told Student 1 to leave, threatening violence. Student 1 told Student 2 he didn’t think he would hit him, at which point Student 2 grabbed Student 1’s neck and slammed him into a pillar. Both students told police there had been ongoing tension between them, but after speaking with the president of the fraternity they agreed to try to resolve their differences within the fraternity and shook hands.