From the files of the GTPD…

You’re not Housekeeping….

On Monday, March 24, a woman at the GT Hotel and Conference Center departed her room to go to the hotel laundry center, leaving her room door propped open since she expected to return quickly. When she came back five minutes later she found an intruder going through her purse. She shouted at him in Spanish demanding that he leave, then ran from the room to contact hotel security.

She found that the offender had stolen ten twenty-dollar bills from her purse, leaving behind only a single dollar bill. No credit cards or any other property was taken.

She described the offender as a black male, tall and heavy-set, wearing dark baggy jeans and a white, black, and green striped shirt. He was last seen running from the room towards the staircase.

A picture of him entering the hotel was captured on a hotel security camera about fourteen minutes prior to the burglary. Police searched the building and the offender was not located.

Losing the Housing Lottery

A freshman called GTPD from his dorm room to report that his roommate has been stealing from him. He told police that he is missing a debit card, and that it has been used at the Student Center food court multiple times between Feb. 20 and March 18. The student also said that his Buzz Card and another debit card, both still in his possession, have been used at the food court and at Wing Nuts. He believes the card numbers are being used to pay for things without authorization.

The student is also missing a double-fold wallet containing $50, and had previously noticed that objects such as socks, pencils, and food were going missing from the room.

Uncivilized Discourse

A member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (FIJI) reported to a police officer that on Saturday, March 29, someone had used black spraypaint to write a derogatory term on the fraternity house’s southeast side windows. There was also red paint splattered on the window and white paint thrown on the floor of the house’s back porch.

The vandalism occurred between the hours of 3 a.m., when the fraternity member had last observed the windows and porch undamaged, and 9 a.m., when he reported the damage to the GTPD.

The police officer found a paint can with wet paint in a nearby dumpster. The fraternity member said that there were no witnesses.