Council Clippings

SGA Discusses Annual Budget

The SGA this week began discussions on the 2008-2009 budget. Both houses deliberated on the new updates to the budget, with the students being provided $4.31 million for the next fiscal year. The CRC, being 4 years old now, is requesting an increase in its budget allotment to keep up with more repairs and maintenance . About 50,000 students a month visit the CRC. The facility is also planning on creating some new student positions. The highly popular program ORGT is also expected to receive an increase in budget allotment, with an increase in staff and the formation of a new program for van rentals through state contracts from a major automotive rental company rather than having to maintain vans themselves.

The Student Center is poised to have a large amount of the budget provided to it for the upcoming renovation to Tech Rec. Since 2003, the Student Center has spent $9.5 million on previous renovations. Specifically, Tech Rec, which sees about 2.8 million visitors a year, is looking to improve the lounge area and replacing the bowling facilities. The new bowling facilities would save about $400,000 in maintenance costs.

Bill of the Week: AIESEC

Joint Allocation to AIESEC – FAILED. GSS: 5-18-0. UHR: 12-15-1

The AIESEC student organization was requesting retroactive funding for travel expenses for 4 students who attended a leadership conference in Tunisia over Spring Break. Controversy surrounded the bill regarding the date of the event and the date of submitting the bill. Normally, the standard procedure is to submit bills two weeks in advance. The organization knew about the event two weeks before Spring Break, yet refrained from filing an SGA bill for funding, as they sought funds from other outside sources. The organization then proceeded with an SGA bill, however there was miscommunication between the organization and the SGA contact they used to author and submit the bill. Thus, the bill was submitted late and failed to meet SGA policy. Senator Mitch Keller spoke out against the bill citing the lack of communication in that the organization did not contact SGA soon enough about the bill due to Spring Break, in which there would be no one available to review the bill. Both houses shared similar views regarding the late submission and voted to fail the bill.

Next Week

New business for next week’s meeting includes several joint allocations for different organizations, continued consideration of the 2008-2009 budget and a resolution honoring President Clough.

The joint allocations up for consideration are for the AASU Black Leadership Conference, the “Tick-a-Tech” Program, the Freshman Council and to AIESEC: For the Crisis in Darfur.

Also up for discussion will be the appointment of the Undergraduate Judiciary Cabinet.

Discussions about the next year’s budget will finish going over Tier 1 and Tier 2 organization, concentrating on the Tier 3 organizations.