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Resolution seeks to repair worsening tensions in S. America

The Organization of American States approved a resolution on Wednesday that said that the Columbian military raid in Ecuadorian territory was a violation of their sovereignty, in a move to help ease tensions in a conflict between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, reported the New York Times. The conflict surrounds a raid conducted by the Columbian military on March 1, which resulted in the death of senior commander Raul Reyes and 24 guerrillas of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia). The FARC is considered a terrorist organization by Columbia, the United States, Canada, the Latin American Parliament and the European Union.

At the Organization of American States’ meeting, the United States stood as the only explicit ally of Columbia. The resolution by the group stopped short of condemning Columbia for their actions. The resolution allows Columbia and Ecuador to begin repairing their relations, but Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mobilized his military and sent them to the border in response to the Columbian raid. He has vowed to go to war if Columbia tried a similar incursion into Venezuela.

FARC and a smaller Columbian group, the National Liberation Army, operate along the Columbian and Venezuelan border.

Chinese man hijacks bus, gets shot by police

Chinese police shot and killed a man who had hijacked a bus in northern China on Wednesday, reported the Associated Press. The man, who was carrying explosives, took 10 Australians hostage on the tourist bus. The hijacker’s motives were not known.

“There is no indication this was particularly aimed at Australia or Australians,” said Stephen Smith, Australian Foreign Minister.

According to police, a man identified as Xia Tao hijacked the bus in the tourist city if Xi’an. The man was fatally shot after a standoff with police that lasted three hours.

The hostages were treated for minor medical conditions.

“I understand there were some minor physical issues, very minor, but it was more shock and the horror of being involved in such a terrible situation,” Smith said.

Buffett becomes world’s richest man

Investor Warren Buffett has usurped his friend, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, as the richest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Over the past year, Buffett’s net worth increased $10 billion to $62 billion, while Gates’s net worth “only” increased $2 billion to $58 billion. According to the magazine, a record 1,125 individuals worldwide are now billionaires. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is the youngest.