Campus Crime

Unwanted company

A member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity entered his house on Saturday, Feb. 23 to find the kitchen window and back door ajar and a male with a brightly colored hat exiting the house empty-handed. He stated that all of the other fraternity members were away from the house for the weekend.

Smashing planters

A resident of Smith Residence Hall came downstairs on Thursday Feb. 21 at 5:20 a.m. for a morning smoke when he reported that two planters had been knocked over and damaged, apparently by residents.

Excuse me, officer…

Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon reported on Feb. 23 that Delta Tau Delta members had thrown bottles at their house. A SAE member asked them to stop, but after seeing a man with a yellow “POLICE” vest in the DTD yard he backed away, at which point the man in the vest came over and struck him in the head. Police then questioned a man at DTD, a former fraternity president, who claimed not to know who the man in the vest was. SAE members later reported that the man, no longer wearing the vest but bearing a “fu man chu painted on mustache,” urinated in their yard. Police were later able to identify the man in the vest as the man at DTD they had questioned and arrested him for impersonating a policeman.


A female student was working on a project at noon on Thursday, Feb. 21 in the Van Leer building when an unknown man, 6’1’’ tall, approached and told her she was beautiful. She felt uncomfortable and tried to leave, but he pulled her towards him and forcibly hugged and kissed her on the neck. She was able to get away and ran through the rain to a neighboring building.

Something screwy going on…

A housing employee reported that screws had been removed from a door on the west side of the Center St. Apts. The employee also stated that this had happened five times previously.