Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Feb.19, 2008.

Bill of the Week: Phi Psi Textile Fraternity

PASSED: Joint allocation to Phi Psi Textile Fraternity, requesting $4111.50 to cover expenses of the national textile convention being held at Tech. (passed GSS 14-4-0; passed UHR 28-10-1)

The funding requested for by the Joint Allocation to Phi Psi Textile Fraternity will pay for some of the expenses of the national textile convention that is being held at Tech this year. The initial amount requested was $4,111.50. Some of the line items for which the bill requested funding included busing for tours of textile plants, Tech police fees and two days of entertainment.

The fundraising efforts came from corporate sponsors and donations, amounting to $1750. Ticket sales also contributed $5500 to funding the event. The organization itself provided $500, which brought the total cost of the event to $12,000.

Concerns brought up in the UHR focused on the fact that only 19 students from Tech would be going to the event and that the event was not open to all students. UHR mentioned this was a reason that they usually did not fund honor societies, because the student activity was paid for by all students. The organizational representative said the School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering has only 50 students, and with 19 of the students going to the event, the group represents a large percentage of the total students.

The Joint Finance Committee made several recommendations to the funding of the bill. The first line item struck was the funding for busing for the plant tours. The plants are located in Corneilia and Jefferson, GA, both locations within 150 miles. That decision took $1900 out of the funding. The $550 dedicated for place settings were struck from the bill and funding the print information packets was reduced to $47.25 from $300. The Tech police fees were also struck, but this was at the organization’s request. This resulted in the final bill totaling $1233.75.

In the GSS, it was decided that the organization would lower the costs for Tech students to five dollars. Finally, there was discussion and concern about the issue of the CRC. The GSS didn’t want student CRC fees going to non-Tech people who would use the facility. Both the UHR and GSS passed the bill.

UHR Impeachment proceedings

Impeachment proceedings were begun against two representatives. Modern Languages representative Corey Myers was removed from his position by a 34-0-4 vote due to having accrued more than three absences this semester.

The other, Biomedical Engineering representative Michael Chervonski, requested by e-mail to postpone his vote on expulsion to next week, when he would be able to appear to offer his excuse. He said he has been travelling to medical schools around the country and this has caused him to miss UHR meetings. With his absence total having climbed to nine, the UHR was divided between representatives that desired Chervonski be dismissed immediately and others wanting him to explain himself to the House. In the end, he was expelled by a vote of 35-3.

Next Week

SGA business for next week consists of considering the Joint Allocation to LeaderShape, the Joint Allocation to the African American Student Union (AASU) for the Onyx Ball and the Joint Allocation to CCF.

The Joint Allocation to LeaderShape is requesting funds to cover this year’s program fee of $15,800. The Joint Allocation to AASU for the Onyx Ball is requesting funding for The Onyx Ball: 4th Annual Black History Month Gala. The bill is asking for $885 for the event.

The Joint Allocation to CCF is requesting funds for a 20 city road trip around the southeast to participate in service activities. Approximately 26 students will go to each stop. The total amount requested in $8209.