Trolley driver suffers fatal heart attack while on route

While driving on his route, a Tech Trolley operator suffered a massive heart attack that resulted in his death and a five vehicle accident.On the morning of Nov. 28, the accident occurred at the intersection of West Peachtree St. and 10th Street when a Tech Trolley being driven by Morris Calvin Anderson crashed into several vehicles.That morning, Officer Grant Hawkins of the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) was making his way to work in his personal car when he came upon the accident scene at the West Peachtree St. and 10th Street intersection. “I saw a bunch of cars mangled up together, and… I asked if anyone was hurt. They said that the bus driver was still passed out, and I saw that the bus was still in drive,” Hawkins said.Hawkins was close enough to campus to report the situation to the GTPD and request help with the situation. He then entered the Trolley through the emergency exit after his attempts to open the front doors of the trolley were unsuccessful. Fortunately, no other passengers were in the Trolley at the time of the accident.Anderson was found slumped over the engine compartment still in his seat belt. He was unconscious and barely breathing. Hawkins placed the trolley in park and moved Anderson onto the floor. He radioed that an ambulance was needed. Hawkins said that he found no pulse and that he could only feel a faint heartbeat on Anderson.“For 12 years I’ve been certified in CPR, and I never had to use it until this year,” Hawkins said. Although Hawkins and another officer attempted CPR, they were not able to get a successful breath into Anderson. They reported his body as being still and his mouth difficult to open. By the time they had begun CPR, Anderson had already been passed out for five to seven minutes, according to Hawkins.Grady Emergency Medical Services and Atlanta Fire Department arrived and took over Anderson’s care. The four other drivers that were involved in the accident reported no injuries and reportedly only incurred minor damage to their vehicles. The Trolley itself remained in safe working order after the collision. The Trolley departs campus on West Peachtree St. in order to arrive at the Midtown MARTA station. The other cars involved in the accident were waiting to take a left turn onto West Peachtree Street. The trolley approached from the back and ran into the rear of the other vehicles. “[The accident] was technically off campus. We typically don’t get involved with [incidents] off campus, but because I was already there and it was one of [Tech’s] trolleys, they sent officers to help,” Hawkins said.Atlanta Police arrived on the scene and also called in an officer from the Atlanta Police Department’s hit and run unit to take over the investigation. Members from Tech Parking Department and First Transit Incorporated, the company that employs Tech Trolley drivers, arrived on the scene and were able to identify Anderson as the driver of the vehicle. Anderson passed away later that morning at Crawford Long Hospital.