Tips and tricks: How to spend spring break

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

Spring break is just one week away, and many look forward to a much-needed break from classes and exams. There are many ways you can rest, relax and recuperate over your break to prepare for the final stretch of the semester. Here are some ways to make the most
of your spring break.

Go on a trip

Going on a road trip is one of the most popular ways to spend spring break. Whether solo or with a group of friends, traveling to a different location can help separate yourself from the daily stressors of campus life and give yourself some time to relax.

Those who enjoy mountain vacations only need to drive two hours north of Atlanta to reach Blue Ridge in the North Georgia Mountains. Beach enjoyers have a bit further to reach sand and waves with a five-hour drive to Panama City Beach from Atlanta.

Spend time with friends

During the semester, it can be hard to stay in touch with friends and spend time together, but spring break offers a great opportunity for you and your friends to plan activities free from the constraints of your schedules.

Spending time with true friends can help you let loose and have fun with the most important people instead of constantly focusing on work. Tailor your hangouts to match your and your friends’ interests — it can be as simple as going for a meal or as extravagant as traveling together.

Visit an amusement park

If you can’t travel far or go out of state, you can still find a place to have fun nearby. Going to a fair, carnival or amusement park is a great way to release pent-up energy and spend time with friends. These amusements can interject some fun into a semester that may have felt overwhelming with the amount of work and studying you had to do. 

One of the closest and most popular amusement parks is Six Flags Over Georgia, which is just 15 minutes down I-20. Six Flags Over Georgia will be open both weekends of Tech’s spring break.

Read a book

If you want to keep your spring break more low-key, you can pick up a new book or finish an old one. Reading is one of the best ways to connect with your imagination and creativity while engaging your mind. Reading outdoors or in a comfy spot in your room can help you be more mindful in your everyday life and offer a different perspective.

Tailor your reading materials to match your interests to stay motivated with the story. Some may prefer true crime thrillers, while others opt for medieval fantasy. Sitting down and reading can also be challenging, especially with distractions from class and extracurriculars constantly coming at us, so make sure to plan some designated time to read in a quiet space.

Catch up on healthy habits

It can be challenging to ensure you take care of yourself throughout the semester, so use spring break to catch up on some healthy habits. Take care of your health by considering every dimension of wellness: physical, mental and emotional. Focus on weak areas of health to make healthy habits that will benfit the most.

If you find one aspect of your health lacking, focus on that for spring break. If you should be more physically active or need to be more mindful, use the break from classes to schedule time to work on these aspects of your health. If all goes well, you can plan to include more healthy habits in your routine when school starts again.

Treat yourself

Some may feel like it has been a long time since you have done anything for yourself, and with all the demands of being a student, that is easy to understand. If you feel like this, use spring break to treat yourself. Take some personal time free from the pressure of other people and school.

Some ways to treat yourself include going to the spa, having a picnic or splurging on some good food. You can also give yourself a little gift just by going on a walk, letting yourself sleep in a little longer or positive affirmation notes to yourself. Remember, you are always worth it!

Start spring cleaning

If your room or workspace gets a little messy throughout the semester while you focus on more pressing assignments, use spring break to organize and clean your surroundings. Cleaning may help you tackle the last stretch of the semester and be more productive while working in a nicer space.

It may be hard to put effort into cleaning, especially if you have other fun activities planned during your spring break, so if you plan to do some cleaning, make sure it is not in the middle of your plans. However, if you do not get the cleaning done that you planned, it is not the end of the world, so do not stress out and prioritize taking a break.

With these ideas at your side, start thinking about what you want to do for your spring break so you can make the most of it. Whether you plan to relax in your room with a good book or go on a beach trip with your friends, have a great spring break!