Bowling night supports LGBTQ+ community

Attendees showed off their bowling skills at the Bowling with Pride event hosted by the Tech LGBTQIA+ Resource Center. The event was intended in part to spread awareness about the center. // Photo by Tyler Parker Student Publications

On Feb. 22, the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center held an evening of “Bowling with Pride” for the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike at Tech Rec, located in the John Lewis Student Center.

The resource center coordinates programming and events on Tech’s campus which bring light to conversations regarding diversity, equity and inclusion for people of all genders and sexual orientations. 

Working to foster a sense of belonging for the entire student body, they promote and create spaces for individuals to completely embrace their identities without fear of judgment.

“Bowling with Pride” served as an opportunity for attendees to network with Tech alumni and faculty, along with the chance to meet others who are part of the LGBTQ+ community on campus.

Tegra Myanna, the Director of the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, planned the “Bowling with Pride Event.” They explain the planning and background of the event and how came it came into existence.

“This semester we’re [the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center] celebrating our 10-year anniversary, so we are hosting a variety of events. We have a long-standing partnership with the Career Center, trying to create opportunities for students at Tech to think about career readiness, interests and choices,” Myanna said.

As director of the resource center, Myanna oversees the management and supervision of LGBTQ+ programming and developmental initiatives across the Institute. The center continually works to build community connections and offer an array of social opportunities to anyone interested on campus.

“We create spaces for our LGBTQIA+ students to connect with each other, but we do a lot more than that. We’re open to all students to come to events if they are interested, excited or [we] cover a topic they are interested in,” Myanna said on the center’s work.

Those who attended Bowling with Pride were able to expand their circle to professionals and others in the community. Myanna explained the Institute’s commitment to connecting individuals to professional opportunities outside of the classroom. “It was a mix of students, faculty, staff and alumni who came just for students to connect,” Myanna said.

The resource center aims to educate everyone at Tech on issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community, offer safe spaces for students to explore identities and aid Tech’s commitment to equity. Events like this offer both social and educational opportunities, which boosts a large crowd, while remaining worth-while and informative for attendees.

“We wanted to do something social. They did a game night in the fall which went really well, and so we thought a bowling event would be enjoyable because Tech Rec is right on the center of campus. It’s convenient for folks coming to campus. It was kind of a natural idea,” Myanna said.

Attendees of Bowling with Pride were pleased to meet friends both new and old while competing at Tech Rec. Many students reported this being their first event through the resource center they have attended and are eager to come to more in the future. “This is my first event at the resource center, but I definitely want to come to more,” said Annabeth Hoyal, first-year LMC. 

Celebrating their 10th year with enthusiasm, the resource center is holding several events like the “Lavender Celebration” on Mar. 26 to honor the contributions and progress given to Tech over the past decade. 

Community building programs are open for the entire Tech community and are a great way to understand important topics affecting people on campus, and the much larger world. These events help to contextualize people’s everyday lives to greater and far-reaching global concerns.

“We’re bringing an author to campus and hosting a panel discussion with some knowledgeable folks on topics like book banning and its impact on representation for different communities … [and] explore its connection to freedom of expression and speech,” Myanna said.  

The resource center offers various resources to support the Tech community like allyship training, open dialogue and discussion about queer issues and well-being workshops. Events like these promote on and off-campus opportunities for students while also encouraging a sense of belonging at the institution. 

Myanna described the importance of connecting students to professionals through social events like “Bowling with Pride.”

“It’s important for people to hear from alumni or those who are currently working professionally. Students can learn what that experience is like and how to transition from life as an undergraduate or graduate student into a professional role. Making these connections and seeing supportive familiar faces on campus can be helpful in creating spaces for those conversations to happen,” Myanna said.

The resource center, located in the Smithgall Student Services Building (often referred to as the Flag Building), is a resource for all students on campus. Myanna explained the importance of being informed about the initiatives and resources which have been put in place on campus for students.

“Being aware of [the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center] is important for all students’ personal learning. It helps connection and community building,” Myanna said on the center’s efforts.

Whether it be the resource center or not, events like this help develop a deeper sense of identity on an otherwise large campus. “It’s important to bond through activities and find people we are similar to on campus,” Hoyal said. 

Those who want to get more involved can follow the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center’s Instagram @gt_LGBTQIA  and sign up for their monthly newsletter to stay up to date on LGBTQ+ events and programs happening around campus. Learn more about the Tech LGBTQIA+ Resource Center at