The debate continues: East vs. West campus

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

Students have yet to settle the long-reigning debate that has divided them for years. 

 With solid arguments on both sides, it is hard to decide a clear winner. Which is superior: East or West Campus?

Both sides of campus provide various advantages that entice students to choose one side over the other. Whether it is the convenience of your commute or the killer dining halls, each side of campus has its perks.

East Campus is always lively and bustling. Students converse with each other as they walk to the dining halls together, hard at work in a hidden nook at Price Gilbert Library or making the trek from their residence hall to one of the many restaurantsin Tech Square.

If you are one to stay in the know and want to be involved in all that this campus has to offer, East Campus is your place to be. 

East Campus is home to freshman dorms Glenn, Towers, Smith, Brown, Hopkins, Hanson, Cloudman, Field, Harrison and Matheson, the infamous Bobby Dodd Stadium (a mere few feet from the dorms), many of the Greek houses, Tech Square, the Scheller College of Business, North Avenue Dining Hall and apartments and Brittain Dining Hall.

It is a prime location for many freshmen. Friends in other residence halls and delicious food at two of Tech’s three dining halls are only a walking distance from the freshman dorms. 

Ria Padidham, second-year BA currently living in Hopkins residence hall, emphasized the benefit of convenience provided by East Campus.

“My favorite part about living on East Campus is the proximity of everything. You’re closer to the main campus and most dining halls. East Campus also has many events and is near main attractions,” Padidham said.

An East Campus rite of passage is traversing Freshman Hill. Students going from their dorms to the library for a late-night study session must endure the calf-burning, never-ending walk up the hill.

Tech Square, one of East campus’ newer additions, seems to be a favorite among students of all ages. With restaurants including Tin Drum, Subway, Moe’s, Gyro Bros, Buffalo Wild Wings  and Waffle House, there are options for everyone to choose from.  

Whether it is a quick meal between classes or a midnight snack, Tech Square is the perfect pit stop for students on East Campus.

A piece of the Institute’s history, Tech Tower, overlooks East Campus. Students pass the tower on their daily walks to class and end their journey at Tech by taking graduation pictures in front of the landmark. 

While East Campus has many benefits, West Campus is a world of its own. Nested right in the middle of many residence halls is West Village Dining Hall. The modern three-story dining hall is complete with countless self-serve dining options and a coffee shop. 

Leire Ripodas, third-year BMED,  lived in Folk her freshman year. She spoke about the endless options at her favorite dining hall.

“Willage (West Village) is definitely my favorite dining hall. It is very well organized by sections, has lots of variety and a lot of healthy options. Their bakery and coffee are also great, and I love their omelets,” Ripodas said.

The residence halls, including Fitten, Caldwell, Folk, Zbar, Nelson-Shell, Hefner and Montag, are known for their large floor plans and are located near many academic buildings. 

Typically a much quieter and more peaceful environment, West Campus is the perfect hideaway for the introverts on campus. Tucked away in its own little pocket, this side of campus maintains its many offerings while also providing tranquility and a break from the hustle and bustle of life on East Campus.

Ripodas explained her love for the peacefulness that West Campus has to offer. 

“West Campus is always very quiet and disconnected from classes. It is very peaceful and provides a nice break from the busy everyday campus life,”
Ripodas said.

A convincing factor for many students is West Campus’ proximity to the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) and Stamps Field. Many athletes and gym buffs find that the commute to the gym from West Campus is quite convenient.

One of the hidden treasures is the hammocks right next to Burger Bowl Field. Students can almost always be seen socializing, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Atlanta weather on the West Campus hammocks. When in the mood for a bite to eat, patrons can stop by eateries such as Cluck -N- Mooh, Panda Express and Taco Mac, all of which are conveniently located in the heart of West Campus.

While the list may go on, the debate boils down to personal choice. East or West, both are excellent representations of what the Institute has to offer. Regardless of which side you end up on, the Institute’s campus offers beautiful landscapes, an abundance of study space and amazing eateries.