A full layout of on-campus dining at Tech

Students enjoy dinner and conversation in Brittain Dining Hall. Located on East Campus, Brittain is one of the Institute’s official dining halls alongside North Avenue and West Village. // Photo by Nick Andrews Student Publications

Welcome to the Institute, Jackets! As new students, you’ll be needing food to fuel your many endeavors — academic and otherwise. Fear not, here is the Technique’s beginner’s guide to on-campus dining.

The Institute has three official dining halls: two on East Campus — Brittain and North Avenue  — and one on West — West Village (affectionately known by students as Willage). You may find yourself looking for something quick to eat between classes. In this case, you might want to grab something from the Tech Green area, located in the heart of campus by the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC). The CULC itself has a coffee shop and cafe, Kaldi’s Coffee, located on the second floor of the building. Outside the CULC, students can find various food trucks offering a wide range of cuisines by Tech Green. Located in the same area, the John Lewis Student Center also has retail locations such as Chick-fil-A, Twisted Taco and Panda Express.Located behind Harrison Square, Whistle Bistro, known for their made-to-order and specialty sandwiches and soups and salads, is another East Campus dining option for students on the go. In addition to Willage, students on West Campus can also dine at Wreck Stop for grab-and-go sandwiches, along with indulging in some milkshakes at Cluck-N-Mooh.

Lastly, Tech is home to several coffee shops, including the Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble at Georgia Tech located in Tech Square and the Blue Donkeys on the ground floor of Price-Gilbert Library and the second floor of the Student Center. Additionally, students can find two Gold and Bold Coffee Roaster locations in the Krone Engineered Biosystems Building and the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences Building. Students frequently ask what the difference between Dining Dollars, Buzzcard Funds and meal swipes is. If you’re eating on campus, you’ll probably find yourself asking this question as well, so here is a beginner’s guide to where each can be used, what they are and when they expire.

Dining Dollars, Buzzcard Funds and meal swipes are all forms of credit that can be used to purchase food at different areas around campus. Meal swipes can be used at any of the three dining halls on campus; they may not be used at retail locations such as the Panda Express or Chick-fil-A in the Student Center and expire at the end of every semester.

Dining Dollars can be used at all campus dining halls and retail locations including food trucks, however, Bonus Dining Dollars are not accepted at food truck locations or vending machines. All Dining Dollars expire at the end of the semester. BuzzCard Funds can be used to purchase goods and services at Buzz Around Town campus merchant locations and never expire. The full list of participating merchants can be found at www.buzzcard.gatech.edu/use-your-buzzcard/#campus-service.