Off-campus cravings

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

While Tech has implemented various new food options on campus in the past few years, there is no denying that the pricey Slutty Vegan and redundant Chick-fil-A can become tiresome. Unfortunately, as a first-year student, access to a car is a rare luxury, making on-campus dining establishments appear to be the sole option that is both feasible and economical. Thankfully, this is not the case. Midtown Atlanta is rich in off-campus options within walking distance that can fulfill any craving.

For those craving their morning fix, Dancing Goats on Peachtree Place is an ideal location for a high-quality blend and a place to sit, study or chat with friends. The Chilly Goat is a unique twist on the blended coffee, replacing the canonical sugar overload with subtle and coffee-forward flavors. Land

of a Thousand Hills Coffee, while a bit pricier, does a delicious matcha latte, different from the popular Starbucks matcha latte.

However, those who like to stick to the basics can frequent either of two Starbucks locations near campus. One is located in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Fifth Street and the other on Spring Street. A slightly less common chain, Costa Coffee, is located in the Coda building on West Peachtree Street. For west campus dwellers, Urban Grind on Marietta Street boasts great coffee, smoothies and pastries for those hoping for alternative drinks or snacks.

With all of these options for cafes and coffee, it only follows that there are numerous places to eat nearby for those moments where escaping the campus food scene seems appealing. Starting near west campus, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs on Marietta Street offers unique and flavor-packed sub sandwiches with various options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. It is also open far later than many other restaurants in the area, closing only at 12 or one a.m., depend- ing on the day. Satto Thai and Sushi Bar on Marietta Street has great Thai food; one can not go wrong with their rice and noodle options. The interior is well-decorated and comfortable, serving as the perfect place for a simple date night.

East campus contains numerous enjoyable and accessible restaurants as well. Pho King on West Peachtree Street, name aside, has good pho and noodle options. The interior is dim, has plentiful seating and they sell silly t-shirts. Xi’an Gourmet House on Spring Street offers authentic hand-pulled noodles in a quaint and bright setting. They also offer Chinese drinks such as sour plum tea and WangZai milk. For those craving a classic pizza or pasta in an upbeat sports bar atmosphere, Atwoods on West Peachtree Street offers a wide variety of options to satisfy any tomato-based desires. A college student staple, Insomnia Cookies on Spring Street offers warm cookies, ice cream and brownies to satiate even the strongest sweet tooth. For anyone hoping to get some work done during their meals, the food hall in the Coda building boasts many different cuisines. One notable option is their Mediterranean restaurant, Aviva by Kameel. They offer fresh falafel, seasoned potatoes and flavorful gyro meats. The chicken options provide very substantial portions for those hoping for some sustenance. Every meal also comes with soft pita.

No matter where near campus, the options are endless; those willing to walk a little further have access to even more! Whether a student is looking for a fun pick-me-up or a dinner after a long day of class, Midtown Atlanta has it all.