How to study in college

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

You did it. You graduated high school and are now about to begin your first days as a college student at Tech. Over the next couple of months, you will learn to adjust to your college life filled with new classes, opportunities and academic challenges.

As you make this academic transition from high school to college, leaving behind AP, IB and Dual Enrollment classes, you may need to implement a few changes in your study routine to better adjust to the structure and difficulty of classes at Tech.

These are some of the Technique’s tips to help you improve your college study system and work towards having a successful academic year at Tech.

Use Free Time Wisely

With fewer classes and more freedom than high school, you will find yourself having more free time as part of your day-to-day schedule. Take advantage of this time and incorporate it into your study schedule when possible. For example, if you have one or two hours between classes, take some time to review notes from your previous lecture or study for an upcoming exam.

Join a Study Group

Two heads are better than one, and as you venture into more specialized and challenging classes in your four years at the Institute, you may find that studying with others works better for you than studying alone.

Consider studying with friends, classmates or other office hour attendees you meet for the first time. Even if you prefer to study alone, having people to bounce ideas off of, to answer difficult questions and to just keep you company can be helpful.

Space it Out

While cramming right before an exam or quiz may have been effective in the past for some, it is not something you should depend on in the future. Many courses only give about two to three quizzes and/or exams with a greater quantity of content tested, making it more difficult to study this information in a short period of time. Focus on studying in short sessions over a long period of days or weeks to build up your long-term memory before an exam.

Stick to a Schedule

It can be easy to get distracted in college with no parents or teachers to watch over you and ensure that you are studying or completing assignments. Creating and following a simple study schedule can help with staying on top of deadlines and planning study periods throughout the week. Make sure to include time for breaks and other social activities as well.

Ask for Help

Remember that Tech is a difficult school, and that you should not be hesitant in asking for help when you need it. Resources such as Tech’s one-on-one tutoring center, TA and professor office hours and the Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) program are always available for students. Visit for additional tutoring and advising resources.

Studying in college can be difficult to adjust to, but with these tips, an open mind and a little focus, it will be one of the most useful skills you will learn as a student at Tech.

Good luck Jackets!