It’s not just a competitive dance team, it’s a lifestyle

After competing in the Origins National Classical Dance Competition, GT Pulse poses in a large arrangement influenced by Bharatantyam’s emphasis on clean lines and precision to tell a story. // Photo courtesy of @gt_pulse

In the world of Indian competitive dance where every step and wave is an expression of passion, dedication and artistry, some competitive dance teams are bound to outperform others.

Within the bustling Indian collegiate dance community, three teams have carved their names in the record of dance history, GT Bhangra (GTB), GT Pulse (GTP) and GT Qurbani (GTQ). Each team represents a unique dance style — Bhangra, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood fusion, respectively — and has emerged as the Institute’s powerhouse in their respective genres.

To explore the niche background of the three teams, the Technique sat down with each to fully grasp the essence of embodying every style of dance.

To do so, the Technique interviewed Reetu Maran, third-year ID captain of GTB, Pallavi Eranezhath, fourth-year IE captain of GTP, and Charan Tiruveedhi, fourth-year IE manager of GTQ.



The pulsating beats of dhol drums reverberate through the air, infusing every movement with infectious energy. GTB, the representation of exuberance and heritage, has transcended boundaries

to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Bhangra.

At the helm of GTB is Captain Maran, a seasoned Bharatanyam dancer with a deep passion for indigenous cultural dances and distinct art form.

Looking for a new change of scenery, Maran felt drawn to the realm of Bhangra. GTB quickly became an integral part of her life, providing her with purpose, fulfillment and an avenue to express her extroverted nature.

“I don’t know what I would do without dance now,” Maran said.

In Maran’s eyes, a defining moment for the GTB team unfolded during the Bhangra in the Burgh competition. Unbeknownst to the team, they faced complications while performing a large, 16-person formation on a stage designed for fewer performers. However, this challenge only fueled their passion and determination. It was during the Bhangra Blowout performance that the finesse and precision demanded by Bhangra formations shined through, cementing GTB’s reputation for delivering awe-inspiring performances.

GTB ’s commitment extends beyond the stage as they actively engage with the community. Captain Maran and the team volunteer their time at the Georgia Bhangra Academy, imparting their knowledge and passion to aspiring dancers. Through these endeavors, they preserve the rich heritage of Bhangra and foster unity within the Institute’s Indian community.


Bharatanatyam is an art form where every motion, expression and gesture has meaning and purpose. GTP, which serves as a representative of this ancient South Indian classical dance form, presents audiences with a form steeped in grace, spirituality and intricate storytelling. At the heart of this team is Eranezhath, a rising senior at the Institute and one of the captains of GT Pulse.

When she joined Tech, Eranezhath already had a keen aware- ness of the college’s vibrant dance culture, and she knew that joining GTP was her destined path.

GTP is a team that specializes in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance style renowned for its precision, rigidness and focus on lines. The team relies on group choreography, combining their diverse strengths to create captivating performances.

GTP often performs pieces that encompass a wide range of moods and narratives and effectively conveying these is vital to their success.

Eranezhath’s experience enables her to lead expression circles, where the dancers delve deep into the nuances of each piece, refining their emotional portrayals.

The past year presented GTP with a challenging theme, requiring multiple iterations of their performance. Yet, through their determination and endless rehearsals, they delivered stunning showcases.

Eranezhath instills discipline through innovative drills, such as rehearsing the set in reverse increments to build stamina and perfect choreography.

“Dance Hard, Destroy the Floor” is the team’s rallying motto, representing their work ethic and their vibrant energy. Under Eranezhath’s guidance, GTP continues to evolve, mastering the intricacies of Bharatanatyam and captivating audiences with their artistry.


In the world of GTQ lies a tale of collaboration and exploration as dancers from diverse backgrounds come together to craft mesmerizing performances.

At the heart of GTQ’s success is the inspiring leadership of Tiruveedhi, captain of this dynamic dance team.

Tiruveedhi’s journey into dance was not just a means of self-expression; it was a transformative path that helped him overcome confidence issues and forge meaningful friendships.

As captain, Tiruveedhi takes on the critical role of leading and managing the team. GTQ’s unique status as a Bollywood fusion team with a focus on multiple dance styles presents its challenges, including the need to excel at various competitions.

Through hard work and un-wavering dedication, Tiruveedhi and his team strive to create a flawless 10-minute set for each competition, pushing their creative boundaries and captivating judges and audiences alike.

Being the captain of GTQ has been a rewarding experience for Captain Tiruveedhi.

The team has become his family, and the bond they share extends beyond the dance floor. This role has not only enhanced his growth and development as a dancer but also as an individual.

Through GTQ, Tiruveedhi has been able to learn invaluable life lessons, understanding the value of leadership, teamwork and compassion.

Each team has its unique style, yet they share a common passion for dance and a commitment to excellence. GTP, with their mastery of Bharatanatyam, is able to mesmerize audiences with grace and storytelling.

GTB, fueled by infectious energy and the beat of dhol drums, preserves the rich heritage of Bhangra emerging from Indian’s Punjab province while embracing cultural unity.

GTQ blends diverse dance forms, bridging cultures and pushing creative boundaries with their Bollywood fusion.