SCPC’S prehistoric STING BREAK

Photo by Tyler Parker Student Publications

As spring break came to a close, excitement for the Student Center Programs Council’s (SCPC) annual Sting Break was at an all time high.

Students of all ages look forward to the yearly event put on by SCPC.

Each year, SCPC holds a carnival consisting of activities, rides, games and food in hopes of providing students with a night filled with enjoyment. 

Each Sting Break’s activities revolve around a theme chosen by SCPC. This year’s theme was “Sting Break Before Time.” Everything from the rides to the merchandise aligned with the prehistoric theme. 

The event was held on Tech Green and the W21 Parking Lot and featured many rides including a Ferris wheel.

Students were also offered treats including hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, frozen lemonade and Dippin’ Dots.

SCPC also had plushie dinosaurs and T-shirts designed by Michelle Tan, fourth-year CS, specifically for this event and theme. 

The tees were in high demand and students in attendance leapt at their chance to get their hands on one of the limited edition items.

Students could be spotted in dinosaur costumes, bungee jumping, riding the ferris wheel and collecting their SCPC merchandise across Tech Green. 

With the weather warming up, conditions were ideal for the event which was mostly outdoors.

Harika Gongalareddy, second-year BA, attended the event with her friends this year. When asked about what prompted her to attend Sting Break she said, “I saw last year’s pictures and there were a bunch of fun rides, so I wanted to try them out.” 

She, alongside other students, participated in many different activities across campus. 

Gongalareddy expressed her excitement for the event and explained that she thought that SCPC had done a great job putting the event on. 

Groups of students came out in hopes of enjoying all that SCPC had to offer. Lines were long and excitement was in the air as students and staff filed out on Tech Green. 

“Turnout was great. There were long lines for all of the activities, specifically for the food and the Ferris wheel,” she said.

Gongalareddy, like many others, found a way to relax and destress after their first week back from spring break. 

In line with their mission statement of providing “fun and high quality programs that appeal to all demographics of the Georgia Tech community,” Sting Break served as a student appreciation and celebration by providing a variety of activities. Furthermore as the name suggests, this event takes place almost immediately after spring break ensuring that more students are able to attend.

The chance for students to put aside their homework and enjoy carnival rides and delicious food resulted in a high turnout. Tickets sold out in advance of the event, showing just how enthusiastic the Tech community was. 

After months of hard work and planning behind the scenes, SCPC and other volunteers were able to successfully put on the annual event. 

To learn more about Sting Break and upcoming SCPC events offered to the community, visit or follow SCPC on Instagram at @gtscpc.